Marc Bombenon

March 26, 2013 Update: Mark Bombenon's PDLCC and Sure Call have gone through some major updates these past three months. Not only are te websites for these teo companies totally new but several new people have come on to:

  • Work with the Comm-Link product in a sales capacity
  • A new marketing role has been filled
  • A human resources department is forming
  • Marc Bombenon has taken the roll of mentoring these new employees
We are expecting more big news to come

March 14, 2013 Update: The four websites featuring Calgary business owner Marc Bombenon are currently used as place holders pending future development. For more information on Mr. Bombenon please consider visiting his PDLCC or Surecall websites.

This site features a short bio of Marc's on his involvement in Calgary-based sports. For media inquiries, please contact Matterhorn PR.

Marc Bombenon, the man responsible for the success of PDL Mobility and Call Centres in Calgary does not limit his activities to business and telecommunications. He is known for starting multiple companies in the field of telecommunications, land and housing and aviation but he also served as Director and Trustee in not for profit organizations and health-related organizations.

In 1991, the Calgary Stampeder Football Club was in serious financial distress. The Save Our Stamps campaign was started and both Marc Bombenon and former Stampeder Herm Harrison co-chaired the fund raising and Save our Stamps Lottery. The lottery was sold, a major success in keeping the team going and enabling it to be acquired by Larry Ryckman. In 1994, Larry Ryckman, then 3-year owner of the Calgary Stampeder Football Club said the Stampeder team can only be kept in Calgary for its golden anniversary game if the season-ticket sales will be over 16,000. Ryckman had been contemplating selling the team or moving it elsewhere. Marc Bombenon was one of the four Calgary supporters who helped kept the Calgary team by setting up the Stamps’ Fan Action Center. Together with Norm Scott, Dave Shaw and Jack Stricharuk, they made it possible to keep the 50 years of sports heritage for the Stampeders’ fans when the Action Centre was successfully set up at the base of the Calgary Tower.

Two decades after the Save Our Stampeders campaign, Marc Bombenon was in the sports news again on March 08, 2011 due to his involvement in supporting the Roughnecks, when the team was being put up for sale. As with the Stampeders, Bombenon stated “I seriously think the team needs to stay in Calgary.” He has opened a tool free phone line to assist the Roughnecks to enable the people keen on supporting the Calgary Roughnecks, call in and ask questions, find out the current status and pledge their support.

Mr. Bombenon is not only an avid businessman and entrepreneur, he loves the City of Calgary as a community and strives to assist a number of the “made in Alberta” charity organizations that reach out and assist those Albertans in need as evidenced by his involvements in the Alberta Cancer Foundation, the Calgary Food Bank and the Calgary Urban Projects Society; and he has sentiment for sports tradition and long-time teams like the Calgary Stampeders and the Roughnecks.